Root Canal Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Do you want to know about Root Canal Treatment in Bhubaneswar? If yes, then you are at right place. Here we will discuss about Best Root Canal Doctor in Bhubaneswar and RCT Service Doctor in Bhubaneswar. Root Canal Treatment or endodontic Treatment is removal of infected or damaged pupl from inside the tooth. The procedure is followed by cleaning, disinfecting and sealing of the root canals. The main objective of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that may other need extraction.

The Treatment is generally required when pulp of tooth becomes infected or inflamed due to various reasons. These reasons may include deep tooth decay, crooked tooth , trauma and gum diseases.

Root Canal Treatment process

1 Complete Diagnosis: The Dentist will determine the extent of tooth damaged or infection though a dental x-day and would suggest further.

2 Anesthesia: The surrounding area and tooth are numbled with local anesthesia to ensure pain less treatment.

3 Pulp Removal: A Whole is made in the tooth to reach the pulp chamber and root canals. The damaged and infected pulp is carefully removed.

4 Canal Filling: The Disinfected root canals are then filled with material named gutta-percha which helps to seal the canal and prevent further infection.

5 Restoration: After the Root canals are filled, the hole made is sealed with temporary or permanent fillings.

6 Follow up care: Regular Followu ps and check ups are necessary to monitor the healing and success of root canal treatment.


The Procedure generally takes 2 to 2:30 Hours depending upon the severity of infection and damage in the tooth.

In order to figure out best you may check their online reviews, get references from known people in your circle and compare the number of years of expertise and also cost involved.  Dr. Grind Dental Hub is headed by Senior Orthodontist specializing in the same. can reach at +91 9861353220 for appointment.

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